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Huddled Masses Helps Global Risk Management Client Eliminate Risks from Its Leads

The client saw a 2x increase in qualified leads, with a cost-per-lead that was nearly 50% less than expected.

Published on

May 29, 2024

Written by

Huddled Masses


Case Study

About the client

Modern organizations face a multitude of risks due to their reliance on technology. Cyberattacks, data breaches, and disruptions to online services are just a few of the things that can stop business processes in their tracks, causing harm to their customers and the brands' reputation.

Huddled Masses’ client is a global risk management company. Effective risk management requires collaboration from different departments within an organization. This client worked as a partner for organizations navigating the complex world of digital risk, helping bring everyone together, leveraging technology, and turning potential threats into opportunities for success.

The Challenge

The client wanted to update their website's look and feel, increase quality leads, and lower cost per lead. Also, leads were not flowing efficiently into their backend CRM. With the delays in processing leads, they were going cold and not able to be converted by the sales team. Ultimately, this was causing a loss of new customer acquisitions and revenue. In addition, the client had limited budgets with no digital awareness campaigns making lower funnel campaigns work harder needing more efficient strategies implemented.

The client approached Huddled Masses for help in addressing a range of problems. First, their website felt dated and failed to convey their stature as top-tier risk managers. They wanted a site refresh to reflect their digital prowess, and why other businesses can trust them with such a critical part of their companies.

We discovered that the backend systems were not optimized, and the CRM system was causing bottlenecks in lead capture, resulting in unnecessary delays to the sales team. By the time the leads were assigned they had grown stale, hindering their ability to convert prospects into customers. Consequently, new customer acquisition stalled, along with revenue growth. 

Further compounding the challenge, the client had a limited budget with no funds to do digital brand awareness campaigns. This meant that lower funnel campaigns needed to work harder, which in turn resulted in implementing more efficient strategies to deliver a lower cost per lead.

The Solution

Huddled Masses isn’t just a digital marketing and advertising agency. Our teams look at our clients’ global challenges from every angle, performing site performance audits, end-to-end audits of the sales funnel, and digital enablement to help our clients thrive in the digital ecosystem.

After studying the industry and interviewing employees within the company, we recommended a three-pronged solution:

Website: In collaboration with the client, Huddled Masses undertook a comprehensive website revitalization. This included a fresh design, streamlined user experience, and optimized lead forms, all strategically focused on driving conversions.

Additionally, we enriched the website with relevant and engaging content that better showcased the client's expertise and value proposition to potential customers.

CRM Optimization:  We implemented software to connect website leads to the sales team in real time so that the client could convert more leads at a lower cost.

Media: To address the client's limited brand awareness and drive high-quality leads globally, we launched a multi-pronged digital advertising campaign that included geo-specific Google Ads, programmatic display, and LinkedIn ads, all strategically crafted to attract ideal prospects. By expanding their market reach to specific global markets, Huddled Masses was able to scale the business efficiently managing budgets and delivering leads internationally.

Recognizing the client's limited prior branding efforts, we leveraged the advanced machine-learning capabilities of Google Ads Performance Max to achieve the broadest and most efficient reach possible. The goal of this strategy was to fill the upper marketing funnel with qualified leads, ultimately fostering a robust pipeline for the client's sales team.

The Result: More Leads, Faster Response, Lower Cost Per Lead

Within one quarter, Huddled Masses met -- and exceeded -- the client’s expectations, delivering more than 2x more leads worldwide while decreasing the cost-per-lead by nearly 50%.

The numbers speak for themselves. In just one quarter we delivered:

Number of Leads


(Delivering 1,350, up from 631)

Cost per lead


($88 per lead, down from $162)

Click-throughs from ads


(Delivered 61,290, up from 48,810)



“It’s gratifying to see these kinds of results for our clients, which is possible when we work closely with them to understand their needs and act as an extension of their teams.” said Amy Harris SVP of Business Development at Huddled Masses. 


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