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We are a Digital Marketing and Advertising Company

We help mid-sized agencies and brands reach diverse audiences, whether general, niche, or multicultural. As a woman-led company owned by Direct Digital Holdings, the ninth Black-owned company to go public, we offer unique insight into all audiences.


Over a Decade in the Ad Tech World 

Our team's unique background includes extensive experience on the client side, giving us a deep understanding of tangible and measurable business outcomes.

Our primary objective is swift issue resolution to help clients achieve their business goals, with Sales and Service teams working in tandem for synergy.

We maintain a flexible resource network of experienced experts, conducting thorough audits of clients' marketing ecosystems and tech stacks to identify gaps and optimization opportunities. At the core of our operations is a robust buy-side platform engineered with cutting-edge technology, seasoned professionals, and streamlined processes, reaching 98% of online inventory across 22,000 sites and apps.

Our technology-agnostic approach ensures adaptability in a dynamic digital landscape. With years of collective experience, our team offers a unique perspective for every campaign, including first-hand client-side responsibilities and results delivery. Each campaign is highly tailored, prioritizing custom KPIs for stellar growth.

We are passionate about helping clients grow their business, whether as a long-term partner, an extension of their team, or by resolving issues in digital advertising and sales channels. As part of the DDH family of brands, we provide a holistic view of the ecosystem, considering how marketing initiatives align with clients' broader objectives.

Our extensive experience ensures that efforts are measurable, and we can address mar-tech, ad tech and CRM system connections and other potential issues. We excel not only in campaign execution but also in aligning campaigns with clients' overall objectives.

We are a Woman-led Company

Our team's unique background includes extensive experience on the client side, giving us a deep understanding of tangible and measurable business outcomes. Our primary objective is swift issue resolution to help clients achieve their business goals, with Sales and Service teams working in tandem for synergy.




Pledge of Commitment

We are committed to growing your business through efficiency and insights.

Growth for All

Every household brand in America started out small, but had an insatiable appetite for growth. The SMB market is the backbone of the American economy, generating 44% of all economic activity and responsible for 55% of all jobs, and 65% of all new jobs created. Our mission is to help small and mid-side business and agencies grow. To do that, we focus on:

Driving ROI. To drive growth, compensation should be directly tied to results from activities, rather than impressions or clicks. 

Reaching New Audiences: For clients trying to sell something, driving leads, and sales. Hyperfocus on performance, which will drive growth for our company.

Serve the Underserved Market by Enhancing their Digital Capabilities. Many of our clients were part of another, more prominent brand and have broken off. They come to us to help them get back up to the level of sophisticated marketing.

Deep Domain Expertise. Deep expertise in key verticals (energy, security), technologies (sales pipeline, CRM integrations), and marketing disciplines (programmatic, SEO, search) that allow us to act either as a consultant or outsourcing provider.

Meet DEI Campaign Requirements. We help midsized agencies that struggle to meet their client's expectations to reach and engage multicultural audiences. 

Expert for All Marketing Models. As experts in eCommerce, we help midsize and enterprise-level clients launch or upgrade their complex eCommerce sites and ensure they can serve all of their customer's needs (B2B, B2C, DTC, B2b).

Capacity for Growth. Small and  midsized agencies don't have a trading desk, and it's expensive to acquire one. We can help by acting as your trading desk.

Partner for Growth. Sometimes, agencies opt to white-label our services: in other instances, the agency asks us to sit in on client meetings.


Efficiency Enabled by Technology

For the SMB brand or agency, efficiency is table stakes. A bad investment or poorly planned campaign targeting the wrong audience can be an existential threat. That's why Huddled Masses has examined what efficiency means from every single angle in digital marketing and advertising and have focused our resources on the following:

Efficient Media Buying. Thanks to our sister company Colossus SSP, we can do a better job of curating supply and purchasing inventory more efficiently and we can purchase high-performing inventory with lower fees for you.

Consumer Efficiency. Our clients understand that mitigating IVT and fraud are critical issues, as is staying compliant with all privacy regulations we focus on these issues to ensure your campaigns target real consumers in brand-safe environments. 

Operational Efficiency. Our parent company Direct Digital Holdings, is serious about its sustainability strategy and climate action plan. DDH has begun conducting our company's enterprise-level GHG emissions inventory for FY 2022.

Infrastructure & Website Optimization. Many of our clients are essentially launching a new business and need a partner to take care of critical infrastructure optimization, such as building a new website and ensuring it is fully integrated into order management, CRM, and other systems. 

Efficient Network of Resources. Huddled Masses maintains a network of independent experts in infrastructure and marketing services such as SEO. This flexible business model allows us to engage any of these resources when needed. In addition to domain expertise, these resources when needed. 


Unleashing the Power of Intelligence + Innovation + Insights. Ad campaigns and marketing initiatives have multiple functions. The most obvious is raising awareness about a brand and product and earning sales. However digital advertising provides other critically important functions, such as market and product research, customer and prospect sentiment analysis, and other functions. The true opportunity of programmatic advertising is insights, which is why Huddled Masses is so focused on generating them for our clients:

Deep Customer Understanding. Campaigns are opportunities to learn about audiences. Which types of consumers click on an ad, visit the website or social media page, and owner? Every action (and inaction) provides us clues to an audience. We capture those insights for our clients, so you have real data to understand their audiences better. 

Operational Insights. Huddled Masses will conduct business requirements document, essentially an audit of processes that span the customer, employee, and product experiences to identify gaps. The business requirement document process includes interviews with key stakeholders. 

Sales Strategies Insights. Our sales teams work with our agency clients to help them win digital advertising business. Our teams device the pitch and execution strategy so that agencies can win new business. They also provide reports and analytics post campaigns.

Campaign Transparency. Huddled Masses provides detailed campaign reports covering which media ads appeared, the number of impressions served, and the outcome, when possible.


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