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Driving Visitation to the Naples Zoo

Learn how Huddled Masses successfully drove visitation and increased ROI for the Naples Zoo. Discover the strategies and optimizations that led to a 4X return on ad spend in just 60 days.

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Published on

Jan 17, 2024

Written by

Huddled Masses


Case Study


How we drove visitation at the Naples Zoo

The Naples Zoo was looking to find a new agency partner who could help them drive ticket sales and increase their overall ROI. Their current agency had only been having them run brand awareness campaigns and was not tracking anything beyond clicks. In addition they also were looking for a partner who had experience running multi-cultrual campaigns.

Our team created pixels and assisted the client with placing them on their website. We also did test purchases to ensure everything was tracking properly prior to launch. One week after the campaign launch, we looked at all the data we had gathered and began making optimizations and moving budget towards the strategies that were driving the most conversions, creating new strategies based upon our learnings and turning off strategies that were not working.

Launch Tactics

  • Behavioral Targeting: We used In-Market for Leisure Activities, Family Fun & Hispanic Families.
  • Contextual Targeting: We targeted content related to parenting & families
  • Lookalike Modeling: Our proprietary algorithm created a seed audience from conversion data and targeted consumers who are similar to ones that are converting.
  • Re-marketing: We retargeted to people who visited the site but did not purchase a ticket.
  • Cart Abandonment: We created a unique remarketing strategy for users who had added tickets to their cart, but did not complete check out.
  • A/B Testing: We used Spanish and English versions of the of the creative when targeting Hispanic audiences and tested to see what drove more sales.


  • Behavioral: We removed the In Market Leisure Activities segment and shifted more budget into “Hispanic Families” because it was performing better.
  • We added “language browser targeting” and ran the Spanish creative on browsers that had their language set to “Spanish”
  • Top scoring users: Once we started seeing conversions come in, we were able to use our audience scoring to create a custom strategy targeting the best users.
  • Lookalike Targeting: Was the best performing strategy so we increased budget allocation and decrease budget on lesser performing strategies.
  • REM: Increased bid and budget as the Re-targeting pool grew.
  • Added Adaptive Segments: These segments ·weed out exhausted users from the retargeting pool and adapt to users who are expressing interest by serving them more ads.
  • Dayparting & Site Targeting: We added in a top converting website strategy and layered top performing daypart for maximum efficiency.

At the end of the 60 day test campaign we delivered 4X ROAS. The client was thrilled with this result and has renewed their contract for 2023.

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